Green building certification

Green building certification
Green building certification
Green building certification
Green building certification
Green building certification Goodman sustainable design



Goodman combines sustainable design principles and construction methods, with innovative materials to deliver green buildings for our customers around the world.

Many of our property sustainability credentials are externally verified through internationally recognised green building schemes.

  • BREEAM Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method managed by BRE
  • LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design managed by the US Green Building Council
  • DGNB German Sustainable Building Council certification
  • Green Star Buildings and Green Star Design & As Built managed by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and NABERS Energy managed by the NSW Government
  • Green Star Design & As Built managed by the New Zealand Green Building Council 
  • CASBEE Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency managed by the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation (IBEC)
  • BEAM Plus managed by the Hong Kong Green Building Council 
  • BELS Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labeling System managed by The Association for Evaluating and Labeling Housing Performance
  • DBJ DBJ Green Building Certification managed by the Japan Real Estate Institute.

These voluntary green building schemes recognise organisations who build and operate greener buildings. They are designed to engage property companies, customers and the supply chain, to create and operate healthy, high performing, low carbon, and resilient buildings. Certified green buildings support our customers who are on their own sustainability journeys by helping to reduce their energy and water use, and promote staff health and wellbeing.   

Certifications around the world vary in their approach and can be applied to the different phases of a building’s lifecycle. From planning and design, construction, and operation, all the way through to a buildings end of life.  

Target certification in Goodman regions

In FY23, nearly 50% of our total portfolio was covered by a green certification. This includes both developments and existing assets. 

The map below shows the target green certification for each region. We select the most suitable green building certification for the local market.