Goodman Business Park

Goodman Business Park
Goodman Business Park
Goodman Business Park
Goodman Business Park
Sun setting over Goodman Business Park Chiba



Goodman Business Park in Greater Tokyo, Japan boosts employee well-being by day and delights local residents by night.

If most people were asked how often they go to their local logistics and data centre hub for a night out, the answer would probably be “never”. That’s no longer the case in the Tokyo suburb of Inzai, Chiba. Less than forty kilometres from the city centre, Goodman Business Park is setting precedents for utility, sustainability and amenity for customers - as well as proving attractive to local residents after hours and on the weekend. 


When Goodman began developing the 500,000 square metre site, which will ultimately contain five large-scale logistics properties and a number of data centres, it didn’t stop at the buildings and their surroundings. Instead, Goodman developed a whole new precinct to exceed customers’ expectations by day, and add value and delight for the local community by night.



Customers of Goodman Business Park, which include major domestic and multinational logistics, tech and consumer goods firms, benefit every minute of every day from sustainability features built into the precinct.

The LED lighting is adjustable in sectors, to encourage control of brightness levels, while shared e-bikes allow carbon-free transit across the precinct or to and from the train station, which takes people quickly into Tokyo’s centre. Meanwhile, the Park’s 15.8 megawatt solar array can power the equivalent of 4,300 households and is used to help power the Park’s buildings and provide renewable energy to Tokyo’s power grid. 



Design elements focus on both form and function. On the East Gate building, a bespoke design mesh façade reduces strong ultraviolet rays and acts as a heat shield in summer. This provides considerable energy savings as well as increased comfort for those working inside.

Form and function are woven into employee facilities too. Truck drivers here are often driving long haul, so Goodman has developed a rest space for them that goes well beyond the basics. As well as an on-site convenience store, drivers can do laundry, take a hot shower and rest in a nap room. Tables for eating or relaxing complete the picture of a space that looks and feels more like a high-end airport lounge than a truck stop.