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Building strong development partnerships

Where your property is located, how it’s designed and how efficiently it operates, are all important factors when choosing the right property for your business.

Goodman properties are strategically located close to consumers and major transport infrastructure to provide easy access to your customers. While our high-quality, sustainable designs maximise productivity and create a great place for your people to work.  

Our +30 years track record of developing logistics and distribution centres, warehouses, business parks and data centres, means that we have the technical knowledge and experience to create the right property for your business to thrive. 

Sustainable development

Goodman’s properties are designed to continue to be efficient and highly functional long into the future. We achieve this through the use of sustainable design fundamentals combined with innovative materials and building automation.

Our extensive experience plays a key role too. Goodman’s designs have been shaped by our many years developing cutting-edge logistics properties. And our green buildings incorporate wellbeing initiatives that positively impact our customers and their workforce.

Sustainability features are built into Goodman’s design process, and we continue to work closely with our customers to uncover new areas to push boundaries, together.

Some of the ways we help: 

  • Sustainability – Goodman's sustainability initiatives can help you achieve your own sustainability goals. Current initiatives include developing carbon neutral buildings; prioritising renewable energy; installing solar panels and electric vehicle charging points, LED lighting and rainwater harvesting.
  • Intelligent building design – We understand what you need to boost your productivity and optimise space. Goodman properties feature clear heights; truck access; products flows; storage configuration and automation integration.
  • Creating communities – We add value to local communities and the wider economy by generating jobs, creating infrastructure, and enabling people to have the goods they need. Our new industrial estates also include cafes, fitness, and recreation facilities. 

To provide our customers with world-class buildings we’re continually evolving our properties to reduce energy use, maximise the sustainable use of resources, and champion the latest design innovations.

Your dedicated team

Goodman has a dedicated team of experts who manage the development process for you from concept to completion. We understand the complexities of planning, infrastructure and building design, but most importantly, we work closely with you to understand what you need from your property. 

Green certification 

We work hard to provide sustainable properties.  Our new developments go through a vigorous process, achieving the following Green Building certifications around the world. 

  • BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • WELL Building Standard
  • Green Star.

Brownfield developments reuse, reduce and regenerate

In a world with a growing population, urbanisation and land scarcity, brownfield developments help provide essential infrastructure without requiring additional land. 

Brownfields are previously developed sites that are outdated or no longer in use. Turning them into productive multi-use facilities requires regeneration or remediation by specialists like Goodman.

Brownfields give us the opportunity to regenerate existing sites and create sustainable buildings in strategic locations. By using our expertise to reuse finite materials and reduce waste, we improve natural habitats, enhance biodiversity, and reduce our construction emissions.

More than 50% of our global development program occurs on brownfield sites. 

View our sustainability case studies

Multi-storey expertise

Multi-storey buildings are an innovative and sustainable solution to a lack of available space, predominantly in key urban areas that are close to consumers. Multi-storey developments help reduce the distance, cost and environmental impacts of last mile delivery too.

As a world-leader in the development of multi-storey industrial properties, Goodman has developed almost 50 of these properties since 2012. Whatever your business, Goodman has the expertise to deliver the property to suit your needs. 


See our development expertise in action


Oakdale Industrial Estate

Sydney, Australia

Oakdale Industrial Estate is an established industrial precinct located within western Sydney’s logistics hub of Eastern Creek. The estate comprises architecturally designed warehouse and office space across four zones - Oakdale Central, Oakdale South, Oakdale West and Oakdale East.

Size: Set over 440 hectares

Customers: Major customers include - Amazon, DHL, Toyota, Petbarn, Sigma Pharmaceuticals

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Oakdale sustainability features

  • Solar panels
  • Smart meter systems
  • LED lighting + light sensors
  • Water tanks
  • Smart irrigation
  • Solar heated hot water

New Zealand

Highbrook Business Park

Auckland, New Zealand

Highbrook is a world-class mixed-use business park incorporating a business town, retail hub and commercial services, home to over 110 businesses.

Size: Set over 107 hectares

Customers: Major customers include – Ford, New Zealand Post, Office Max, BMW

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Highbrook sustainability features

  • Solar panels
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • LED lighting
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Five star green certification - Ford office building
  • Four star green certification - CourierPost building

Mainland China

Goodman Huiyang Industrial Park – Phase 3

Shenzhen, China

Huiyang phase 3 is a multi-storey, six building industrial development part of the wider Goodman Huiyang Industrial Park.

Size: 280,000 sqm

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Huiyang sustainability features 

  • Rainwater collecting system
  • Automatic sprinkler system for greening
  • LED lighting
  • Light and human sense control system
  • Fresh air ventilation system
  • Electrical vehicle charging
  • Water-saving sanitation products

Hong Kong

Goodman Westlink

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, China

Goodman Westlink is a state-of-the-art, 4-storey logistics development which is suitable for the latest advancements in automation and robotics.

Size: 1.5 million sq ft 

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Westlink sustainability features

  • Rooftop and vertical solar panels
  • LED lighting
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Rooftop landscaping
  • Targeting gold LEED certification


Goodman Business Park

Chiba, Japan

Goodman Business Park is a large-scale, integrated business and logistics park, employing an innovative and contemporary approach to the design and creation of logistics and business space in Japan.

364,192 sqm

Customers: Major customers include – Google, BMW, Skechers, DHL

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Goodman Business Park sustainability features

  • Rooftop solar panels
  • LED lighting
  • Well water system
  • Rooftop garden terrace

North America

Goodman Commerce Center Eastvale

Los Angeles, United States

Goodman Commerce Center Eastvale is one of the largest, mixed-use developments in Southern California, incorporating class A logistics, retail and business park facilities. 

200 acres

Customers: Major customers include – Amazon, Costco, Volkswagen.

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Eastvale sustainability features

  • Water basin
  • Rooftop solar panels
  • EV chargers for electric vehicles 
  • LEED certification
  • Drought tolerant landscaping
  • Motion detected LED lighting
  • Community walking trail


Getafe Terminal Logistics Park

Madrid, Spain

Goodman Getafe Terminal is a state-of-the-art two building logistics complex located 13km south of Madrid city.

87,000 sqm

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Getafe sustainability features

  • Solar panels
  • Efficient lighting
  • Energy smart metering system
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • BREEAM Excellent Certification
  • BREEAM Urbanisation Certification



Paris, France

Green Dock is a new sustainable urban regeneration project at the Port of Gennevilliers. The four-level facility will link directly to the River Seine, allowing urban distribution businesses to provide last mile delivery and to develop river-based transport into Paris. It will incorporate some of the largest sustainability initiatives in industrial real estate.

Size: 90,000 sqm

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Green Dock sustainability features

  • 11,000 sqm rooftop solar panel system 
  • Recycled materials used for the building façade
  • Heat exchanger for cooling and heating
  • 17,000 sqm rooftop urban farm - the largest in Europe
  • Targeting BREEAM certification at Outstanding level

United Kingdom

Crossways Commercial Park

London, United Kingdom

Crossways is a three building, highly sustainable logistics development designed to promote energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. 

Size: 26.8 acres

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Crossways sustainability features

  • BREEAM 'Excellent' rating
  • Carbon neutral cladding
  • LED lighting
  • Solar walls
  • 22 kW electric car charging points
  • Rainwater harvesting