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Multi-storey development in Spain

As land is becoming scarce in Barcelona the answer for logistics companies is increasingly: “go up”. Making use of limited land is vital when the vacancy rate in the Catalan logistics market is very low – less than two per cent.

 Multi-storey warehouses like the Goodman Castellbisbal Logistics Centre provide a sustainable solution for our Spanish customers. Featuring two units of 13,200 sqm, the multi-storey facility lies at an intersection of the two most important highways in Spain, just 28 km from the centre of Barcelona. This strategic location allows our customers to be close to Barcelona’s 5.5 million consumers and maximise last mile operations.  

Goodman first introduced multi-storey logistics centres to Spain in 2021. Now Goodman Castellbisbal Logistics Centre is Goodman’s second multi-storey real estate logistics project in the country.  Multi-storey facilities are a sophisticated solution to land scarcity and urbanisation challenges. They streamline delivery processes and reduce traffic - benefiting cities and communities. They reduce the distance of the last mile and provide flexibility for our customers.

Goodman has been developing multi-storey facilities globally since 2012. We have now worked on 46 of these properties around the world.