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Goodman’s sustainability vision is focused on creating long-term relationships with our key stakeholders around the world, developing world class logistics and business space and enhancing the communities in which we operate.

Goodman sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy is reviewed regularly to ensure it supports, and is aligned with, Goodman’s overall business strategy. It is structured around four key areas that encompass a series of activities and objectives that address Goodman’s material sustainability priorities. These four areas include:

  • Sustainable development – continual improvement in the sustainability of our developments, through innovation and working with customers to evaluate and incorporate design initiatives.
  • Asset management – managing and investing in our assets to improve efficiency, long-term competitiveness and resilience.
  • Corporate performance – measuring our impact, improving our overall performance, managing our compliance obligations  and engaging regularly with our key stakeholders.
  • People and community – inspiring and challenging our people, and supporting various community based groups through the Goodman Foundation.

Group sustainability framework

Goodman’s sustainability framework is based on embedding specific practices in all of our countries of operation, supported by key representatives in each region and specific tools and processes across Goodman. 
Goodman’s sustainability framework encompasses:

  • An ongoing commitment to support Goodman’s long-term business model
  • Engaging with our supply chain to encourage sustainable outcomes
  • Partnering with Government for policy initiatives that encourage industry wide participation
  • Participation in industry bodies to increase sustainability awareness and shape government policy
  • A commitment to strive for continual improvement in our own business

Goodman’s sustainability framework will continue to evolve over time, incorporating our changing business and stakeholder expectations, and will continue to focus on our customers’ own sustainability priorities.

Board of directors

The Goodman Group Board of Directors includes sustainability as part of its overall mandate, with respect to the following:

  • Consideration of the social and ethical impact of Goodman’s activities
  • Setting standards for social and ethical practices
  • Monitoring compliance with Goodman’s sustainability policy, framework and practices

Goodman remains committed to sustainability across all business operations. It is Goodman’s strong belief that embracing sustainability is beneficial to the environment and communities associated with Goodman, but will also ensure long-term sustainable returns on investment.

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