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  • A
  • AGM
    Annual General Meeting.
  • ASIC
    Australian Securities & Investments Commission.
  • ASX
    ASX Limited (ABN 98 008 624 691) – The Australian Securities Exchange, or the financial market which it operates.
  • AUM
    Assets under management: total value of properties directly held or under management (used synonymously with FUM or funds under management).
  • B
  • Business park
    A low rise office development with a small warehouse component up to 100,000 sqm within a functional environment including a variety of amenities such as cafe, pool, gymnasiums, creche facilities, and car park. Focused on large corporate non CBD users such as Technology, Pharmaceutical and Communication companies.
  • C
  • Capital partner
    Investors in Goodman Partnerships are also referred to as Capital partners.
  • CIC
    China Investment Corporation.
  • Cornerstone investments
    GMG’s investments in its managed Partnerships.
  • Corporations Act
    Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
  • Customer
    In the Goodman environment, tenants are referred to as customers reflecting our customer service driven approach to business. 
  • D
  • Distribution yield
    The annual distribution expressed as a percentage of the security price.
  • DPS
    Distribution per security: total distributions to investors divided by the number of securities outstanding.
  • DRP
    Distribution Re–investment Plan.
  • E
  • EBIT
    Earnings before interest and tax.
  • EGM
    Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • EPS
    Earnings per security: total earnings divided by the weighted average number of securities outstanding.
  • Ex-distribution
    Securities traded after this date will not qualify for the forthcoming distribution.
  • F
  • FUM
    Funds under Management: total value of properties held directly or under management (used synonimously with AUM or assets under management).
  • G
  • GADP
    Goodman Australia Development Partnership.
  • GAP
    Goodman Australia Partnership.
  • GCLP
    Goodman China Logistics Partnership.
  • Gearing
    The level of a company’s borrowings relative to its assets.
  • GEP
    Goodman European Partnership.
  • GFM
    Goodman Funds Management Limited (ABN 48 067 796 641; AFSL Number 223621), the responsible entity for GIT.
    Goodman Hong Kong Logistics Partnership.
  • GIT
    Goodman Industrial Trust (ARSN 091 213 839) and its controlled entities.
  • GJCP
    Goodman Japan Core Partnership.
  • GL
    Goodman Limited (ABN 69 000 123 071) and its controlled entities.
  • GMG
    see Goodman Group.
  • GMP / Goodman PLUS Trust
    the issuer of Goodman PLUS – A perpetual, preferred unit in the Goodman PLUS Trust.
  • GMT
    Goodman Property Trust: a listed property trust on the New Zealand Exchange managed by GMG.
  • GNAP
    Goodman North America Partnership.
  • Goodman Group or GMG
    Goodman Group, comprising Goodman Limited, Goodman Industrial Trust (of which the responsible entity is Goodman Funds Management Ltd.) and Goodman Logistics (HK) Ltd. The securities of those entities are stapled and are quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange under reference GMG.
  • H
  • Hedging
    Reducing exposure to risk of loss resulting from fluctuations in exchange rates, commodity prices, interest rates, etc.
  • I
  • ICR
    Interest Coverage Ratio.
  • Industrial estate
    A multi–tenanted estate in excess of 20,000sqm with office content of 5–15%. Typical unit size of 2,000–5,000 sqm. Primarily focussed on large corporate users.
  • Investment Management
    The management of third–party property funds.
  • IRR
    Internal Rate of Return: the return rate which can be earned on invested capital, i.e. the yield on an investment plus capital growth.
  • L
  • LPT
    Listed property trusts: Refer to REITs.
    Loan to valuation ratio.
  • M
  • Managed funds
    Listed or unlisted property funds managed on behalf of institutional and retail investors.
  • Market capitalisation
    The security price multiplied by the number of securities on issue.
  • N
  • NAV
    Net Asset Value: the value of the total assets less liabilities. For this purpose, liabilities include both current and long–term liabilities. To calculate the net asset value per ordinary security, divide the net asset value by the number of securities on issue.
  • NLA
    Net lettable area.
  • NTA
    Net tangible assets: the value of gross assets less intangible assets, less all debts and other liabilities less other non–controlling interests, divided by the number of securities on issue.
  • NZX
    New Zealand Exchange Limited or New Zealand Exchange being the equity security market operated by it.
  • O
  • Office park
    A low rise office development up to 100,000 sqm within a functional environment including a variety of amenities such as cafe, pool, gymnasiums, creche facilities, and car park. Focused on large corporate non CBD users such as Technology, Pharmaceutical and Communication companies.
  • P
  • Pre-commitment
    A tenant which has committed to a development prior to its commencement.
  • R
  • Record Date
    The day GMG’s security register is closed for the purpose of determining a Securityholder’s entitlement to the distribution for the relevant period.
  • REITs
    Real Estate Investment Trusts. The major benefit of REITs is that they can provide access to assets that may be otherwise out of reach for individual investors, such as large-scale commercial / industrial properties. 
  • Responsible Entity
    A public company that holds an Australian Financial Services Licence authorising it to operate a registered managed investment scheme.
  • Return on assets
    A measure of a company’s profitability, equal to a fiscal year’s earnings divided by its total assets, expressed as a percentage.
  • Return on capital
    A measure of how effectively a company uses the money (borrowed or owned) invested in its operations.
  • S
  • Securityholder
    A holder of stapled securities.
  • Speculative development
    A development that commences with no customer precommitment.
  • Sqm
    Square metres.
  • Stabilised property
    An income producing property.
  • Stapled security
    One fully paid ordinary share in Goodman Limited, one fully paid unit in Goodman Industrial Trust and one CHESS Depository Interest (CDI) in respect of a fully paid ordinary share of Goodman Logistics (HK) Limited which are stapled so that they can only be traded together.
  • W
  • WACC
    Weighted average cost of capital: the average of the minimum after-tax required rate of return which a company must earn for all of its securityholders.
  • WALE
    Weighted average lease expiry: of an asset or a portfolio of assets.
  • Warehouse / distribution centre
    A large predominantly single tenanted industrial facility with a clear span storage and distribution area and associated offices of usually no less than 15,000 sqm. Focused on large corporate users/logistics customers.
  • WIP
    Work in Progress.