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Logistics space for consumer demand

Consumers of today shop on their terms. Convenience, cost and sustainability are key to their purchase decisions. If a competing retailer offers a faster delivery service, 55% of consumers will switch1. If a store is out of stock, the consumer walks away. 

Fulfilment has become a key battleground in retail. At Goodman, we understand this and provide the sustainable infrastructure and specialist knowledge you need to be able to deliver to your customers where and when they need it. Whether its consumer staples like groceries, or luxury fashion goods, retailers and FMCG companies all need easy access to both supplies and large pools of consumers – at speed. 

Using our SmartSpace technology, we can provide the data you need to analyse our properties and select the right one for you – whether it’s understanding the pool of potential consumers that are accessible within a 30-minute drive or details of their spend data.

Our sustainable properties are designed to support your investments in automation and technology to help you meet rising delivery and service expectations. With global e-commerce sales set to account for more than 20% of retail sales by 2025, customer demands are set to increase2. Having a real estate partner with experience in this space is critical. 

Goodman has been servicing retailers since the 1990s and developing e-commerce facilities since 2006. We service a wide range of consumer-related customers including small fashion labels, large fashion brands, supermarkets, specialty retail, sporting goods stores, apparel, e-commerce players and FMCG producers.  


1 Capgemini
2 Euromonitor