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Designing circularity into deconstruction – reusing materials at Tremblay-en-France

At Tremblay-en-France, 30km from the centre of Paris, Goodman was able to reuse, recover or recycle 99.1% of waste from old buildings on this brownfield site. 

Approximately 44 tons of materials, including partition walls, fire doors and raised floors were re-used locally – within an average of 60km from the site. We also recycled 7,900 tons of materials like glass, carpet, ceramics, plaster and steel. 

In the extensive pre-deconstruction stage, which included cleaning, sorting and on-site repairs, specialist local SMEs and circular economy start-ups helped identify the right channel for each resource. At one stage, 16 types of waste were stored across the Tremblay-en-France property. 

The deconstruction process required specific methods, tools and machinery. It also required more people on site - a 20% increase over the standard demolition workforce. We worked closely with our contractors to train their people in the new techniques.

Learnings from Tremblay-en-France will be employed across future Goodman projects.