Sustainability excellence in action in Milan

Sustainability excellence in action in Milan
Sustainability excellence in action in Milan
Sustainability excellence in action in Milan
Sustainability excellence in action in Milan
Goodmans Pioltello Logistics Centre



In East Milan, Goodman’s new Pioltello Logistics Centre has achieved one of the highest BREEAM rating scores for a logistics asset in Italy. The property achieved BREEAM New Construction Excellent certification with an outstanding score of 79.5%.

The 10,000 sqm, property is a great example of sustainability applied to logistics real estate. A Life Cycle Analysis provided insight into the overall carbon impact of the building over the long term, and it was designed and developed adhering to the highest sustainability standards. 

Achieving the excellence rating from BREEAM required the Pioltello Logistics Centre to rank strongly across nine categories: management, energy, pollution, health and wellbeing, land use and ecology, transport, materials, waste and water.

Water management was the top performer, with a 100/100 score. This is in large part due to its design that minimises flood risks and reuses rainfall.

BREEAM wasn’t the only certification achieved for this property. The building’s energy efficiency features, including high performing HVAC also earned the building an A4 energy performance certification, the highest available in Italy. These include: 

  • High-performance insulation
  • LED lighting with motion and daylight sensors
  • 470 kWp of rooftop solar providing 520 MWh per year
  • 54 EV charging stations with another 200 ready to be installed when needed. 

As with all our developments, strategic location is key. Pioltello Logistics Centre provides easy access to a large consumer market with 2.5 million people accessible in a 30-minute driving time.