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Goodman Australia Development Partnership (GADP)

Goodman Australia Development Partnership (GADP) was launched in May 2010 with the primary objective to invest in high quality, newly developed logistics assets alongside Goodman Group in prime Australian markets on the Eastern seaboard.

The Partnership has a strong partnership approach providing equity commitment of $293 million (80% CPPIB / 20% Goodman) supported by a $110 million debt platform targeting stable annual total returns.

GADP’s portfolio comprises of 9 assets with a combined value of $432.6 million. Since inception the Partnership has committed to over 420,000 sqm across 10 developments growing the portfolio through providing alternate capital for the Goodman Australian development business.

Key Stats
Total Assets A$432.6m
Gearing 14.4%
Number of Properties 9
Occupancy 94.4%
Weighted Average cap rate 6.3%
1. All figures as at 30 June 2015

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