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Western Plaza solar

Goodman installs one of Hong Kong’s largest solar rooftop arrays at Western Plaza.

When Goodman took possession of its Western Plaza development - strategically located between the airport and the border to mainland China - it decided to install solar on the property, despite the challenges involved.

The challenge

The biggest challenge was neither getting permission for the panels (both customers said yes), nor hoisting the 500 hundred plus panels onto the roof. It was managing the hoisting work with minimal disturbance to the customers’ 24/7 operations. Furthermore, getting the concrete in place to secure the panels on the roof without impacting its waterproofing, and ensuring the panels would stay put during the high winds of Hong Kong’s typhoon season was an engineering feat.

Making solar happen in Hong Kong can be complicated for other reasons too. The city’s density creates an impressive urban skyline but the multitude of high-rise buildings creates limitations for solar projects: the tall, skinny buildings often don’t have space on their rooftops for the panels. 

Now that Western Plaza is complete, Goodman is confident it can overcome this space challenge too. Hong Kong’s government has been pushing to incentivise building owners to add solar – a move that overlaps with Goodman’s view that its customers will best succeed in a facility with a great location that also offers sustainable solutions.