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Australia's sustainability approach

From tree roots to rooftops: Goodman Australia’s comprehensive approach to sustainability.

What makes a truly sustainable building? It’s a question that is asked and re-asked at Goodman in Australia because the answer keeps changing. Whether it’s the availability of new technology or the shifting needs of our natural environment, Goodman doesn’t settle on a single answer for long. 

With Goodman working towards its company-wide goal of global carbon neutral operations by 30 June 2021, the company’s attitude towards sustainability is about always going further than what’s expected. In Australia, this is evidenced by a multitude of innovations being rolled out across all properties. 

Electric vehicle charging

Hybrid and electric vehicles

Since 2018, most of Goodman's vehicle fleet has been converted to hybrid. We are now working to update our entire fleet to Electric Vehicles by 2025 and all new developments will have dedicated EV bays and charging stations. 
LED lighting

LED lighting

While it’s standard industry-wide for LED lights to be installed in new buildings, or when customers changeover, Goodman is installing LEDs and sensors in all properties by June 2024, regardless of customer movements. 
Solar panels

Solar panels

In our Australian portfolio, we have now installed just over 14MW of rooftop solar on almost 100 properties. That's more than 40,000 solar panels which generate approximately 19GWh of electricity each year - enough to power 3,400 homes, or the equivalent of taking 9,300 passenger vehicles off the road.

There are also other less obvious areas where Goodman's sustainability approach is unique in Australia:


From selecting drought tolerant plants right through to scheduling expert inspections to ensure trees can reach their full life expectancy - Goodman is committed to the longevity and carbon capture potential of each of the 21,000 trees in its national portfolio. 

Every tree in Goodman’s portfolio is inspected annually. After a tree’s safety is confirmed, inspectors consider how to increase its life expectancy: what is the tree’s growth potential?  Could it be pruned differently? Can its carbon offsets be further maximised? 

This way, the best outcomes are achieved for the trees, for customers and for the planet.



While 55% of Goodman's portfolio in Australia has rainwater harvesting capabilities, smart irrigation is a newer, technology-led solution that is already reducing water use at some Goodman properties by 62%.  

Goodman’s R&D program into smart irrigation began in 2018 when it saw a gap in the market for commercial irrigation systems that could be remotely adjusted. Today, many watering systems can be controlled by property, state or nationally - or even by garden bed - at the touch of a button if weather conditions change. Automating this previously manual task has meant that if it is raining, for example, irrigation systems can be switched off using a smart device.