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Improving biodiversity by supporting bees

Bees help support biodiversity across the globe. Without them, many ecosystems would cease to exist. But today’s global bee populations face a multitude of threats, including habitat destruction, disease and the use of agricultural chemicals. 

To help, Goodman is colonising wild bees by planting wildflower meadows with nesting sites on the grounds of some of our German properties in Pforzheim, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Hamburg. The project, supported by bee experts and beekeepers at Pforzheim III Logistics Centre, will help these threatened species as we improve biodiversity in the area. It will also provide wellbeing benefits to the local workforce, as they will be able to enjoy the improved natural surroundings. 

Another way we support biodiversity is through the 100 plus beehives now installed across our European sites. In Germany, our honeybees produced almost 600 kilograms of honey this year. Some of it came from the beehives located at our logistics sites in Nuremberg, Eppertshausen, Leipzig and Pforzheim, where our customers are partnering with us to support the bees.