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Gasless HVAC in Europe

Goodman has mandated that from FY22 all new developments and renovations in Europe will no longer use gas as a heating or cooling source. Transitioning from gas to gasless heating sources is an important climate-driven decision. However, it has gained momentum with the geopolitical issues in the region impacting oil and gas prices and availability. 

There are several heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technologies in the market, but not all are technically and economically viable. The diagram shows some of the gasless heating technologies currently commercially available. 

Gasless HVAC in Europe diagram 

Goodman will use the right system for each individual property and operational requirement.
The preferred gasless heating technology uses electric HVAC systems coupled with onsite renewable energy production. In our recently completed Halle VI Logistics Centre development, the warehouse and office space are 100% heated and cooled by electric heat pumps. 


Gasless strategy

New developments and renovations will solely consider electric HVAC systems and on-site renewables.
For stabilised assets, a roadmap for HVAC replacements is being developed.