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Activity based working (ABW)

Activity based working (ABW) is an evolving and flexible work model which Goodman adopted in 2012. ABW is a work model tailored to suit the operations of our business, integrating it with the influences of today’s technology and functional efficiencies within our physical environment. 

The concept of ABW is becoming increasingly popular as organizations are adopting flexible workplaces and practices. This includes creating virtual offices for employees, enabling them to work anywhere anytime through removing technology boundaries and providing optimal communication tools through voice and video.

Some benefits of ABW include:

  • Increased staff collaboration, productivity and efficiency 
  • Flexibility in where and how an employee chooses to work
  • Reduction in power, paper usage and real estate costs
  • Improved work environment and job satisfaction
  • Freedom and choice for staff
  • Breaking down silos 
  • Modern work environment and practices 
  • Employer of choice

Benefits of ABW include improved work environment and job satisfaction