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Goodman announces implementation of the HK Restructure

Wednesday, 22 August 2012
Goodman Group (Goodman or Group) advises that today it completed the implementation of the internal restructure of the Group to add Goodman Logistics (HK) Limited to the existing Goodman Group stapled security (Restructure).

Securityholders with  a Goodman stapled security now hold a CHESS Depository Interest (CDI) over an ordinary share in Goodman Logistics (HK) Limited, stapled to an ordinary share in Goodman Limited and a unit in Goodman Industrial Trust.

In accordance with the timetable set out in Goodman's announcement dated 10 August 2012, deferred settlement trading in Goodman securities will continue until 27 August 2012 and thereafter settlement of trades will take place in the ordinary course.

Further information regarding the Restructure, CDIs and the rights attaching to shares in Goodman Logistics (HK) Limited is contained in the Information Memorandum (a copy of which may be accessed at

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For further information, please contact Goodman:
Carl Bicego
Head of Corporate & Company Secretary
Tel +61 2 9230 7400

About Goodman

Goodman Group is an integrated property group with operations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom and North America. Goodman Group, comprised of the stapled entities Goodman Limited and Goodman Industrial Trust, is the largest industrial property  group  listed  on  the  Australian  Securities  Exchange  and  one  of  the  largest  listed specialist fund managers of industrial property and business space globally.

Goodman’s global  property  expertise,  integrated  own+develop+manage  customer  service offering  and  significant  fund  management  platform  ensures  it  creates  innovative  property solutions that meet the individual requirements of its customers, while seeking to deliver long- term returns for investors.