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Goodman announces admission of HKCo

Tuesday, 14 August 2012
Goodman Group (Goodman or Group) is pleased to advise that further to its announcement dated 10 August 2012 relating to the implementation of the internal restructure of the Group (Restructure), Goodman Logistics (HK) Limited (HKCo) has today been admitted to the official list of the Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX) as part of the Goodman Group.

As required by ASX in connection with the listing process, Goodman confirms that:

+     it is in compliance with Listing Rule 3.1; and

+     ASX reserves the right (but without limiting its absolute discretion) to remove HKCo, Goodman Limited and Goodman Industrial Trust from the official list of the ASX following implementation of the Restructure if a CHESS Depository Interest (CDI) referencing an ordinary share in HKCo, a share in Goodman Limited or a unit in Goodman Industrial Trust cease to be stapled, or any new securities are issued by HKCo, Goodman Limited or Goodman Industrial Trust and are not (or CDIs in respect of them are not) stapled to equivalent securities in the Goodman Group.

Further information regarding the Restructure, CDIs and the rights attaching to HKCo shares is contained in the Information Memorandum (a copy of which may be accessed at and the timetable set out in Goodman's announcement dated 10 August 2012.

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