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Goodman team to go greener with $10 million global electric vehicle incentive

Monday, 12 July 2021

Leading the charge in sustainability, Goodman Group has introduced a $10 million incentive to assist its 900+ people around the world to make the shift to electric vehicles.

Goodman is focused on a long-term, sustainable approach that leads to positive economic, environmental, and social outcomes for its business, stakeholders and the world more broadly. The Group aims to take a holistic approach to ESG to not only reduce the carbon impact of its properties, but embed sustainability in Goodman’s culture and values. The electric vehicle initiative is a great example of how the team are encouraged to help support this vision.

Greg Goodman, CEO, Goodman Group said: “We’re committed to providing solutions that reduce emissions and we want to enable our people to make a difference as individuals. Electric cars align with our sustainable philosophy and our focus on economic, environmental and social outcomes. To help unlock more sustainable transport for our team we are offering up to $10 million worth of EV incentives over the next five years.”

Coupled with various Government rebates and incentives provided around the world, Goodman’s industry-leading green initiative will dramatically reduce the cost for its people to purchase electric vehicles.

Goodman will also transition its own global vehicle fleet to electric vehicles. The current Australian fleet of 55 hybrid vehicles will be updated to fully electric vehicles by 2025.

Further supporting the growth in electric vehicle usage, all new Goodman development projects worldwide will feature dedicated electric vehicle bays and EV charging.

“Delivering the necessary infrastructure to support electric vehicles is also critical and has become a fundamental component of warehouse and office carpark design across our portfolio,” Goodman said.



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