Goodman Greater China has adopted the sustainability policies and practices of the ASX-listed Goodman Group.

Goodman is the largest listed industrial property group in Australia and one of the largest listed specialist fund managers of industrial property and business space globally.

Goodman’s Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) programme is closely aligned with Goodman’s operating activities and encompasses our operations globally. Our programme provides a rational and structured way to enhance Goodman’s sustainability performance over the long-term and assist in positioning the business for long-term success. Understanding the priorities of our stakeholders is imperative to ensuring that we meet their performance standards and that their expectations are accounted for in the way Goodman undertakes its business activities.


Goodman understands its greatest opportunity to drive sustainable outcomes and mitigate environmental risks is during the development process. We have established minimum sustainability standards in all of our operating regions, and we encourage the evaluation of new technologies and initiatives. From maximising natural light, efficient lighting systems, low steel slabs, high performance glazing, water harvesting and transport management plans, Goodman works with its customers to integrate a range of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) initiatives.


  • Minimise negative environmental impacts and enhance the local environment
  • Reduce the energy and water intensity of properties we develop
  • Assist our customers improve the efficiency of their operations
  • Enhance the resilience and flexibility of our properties
  • Maximise the sustainable use of resources
  • Utilise recycled materials and enhance recyclability