All funds went to Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong's ‘Project Home Works’ community program to help improve the living conditions of 250 vulnerable households in Hong Kong and provide winter home care kits with blankets, heaters, electric kettle, etc, for 300 elderly people. Around 30% of the supported households will be within the Tuen Mun area where the Goodman Westlink property is located, directly contributing to the local community.


“I am so thankful for all your help to clean and tidy up my home. I could feel the love and care when I had the chance to talk and share with you! I am really proud of the young people in our community who are committed to helping the elderly.” 

Grandma Choi lives with her husband. They suffer from limited mobility and reduced vision, which makes basic activities such as cleaning very difficult.

Recently, Habitat’s team went to Cheung Hong Estate to provide deep cleaning services for elderly families living in substandard conditions. Grandma Zhu, one of the biggest issues in her home was that she was not able to clean her fans because they are too high for her to reach. Since she can’t stand for long periods of time, cleaning her home has become very difficult for her. 

Habitat’s team brought in two local domestic workers for a deep clean. They helped her with her fans, the toilet and threw away food that had gone bad. Grandma Zhu can now use her fans in summer for better air circulation and quality of sleep. With a simple task we can significantly improve the lives of people like Grandma Zhu.


Just as Habitat for Humanity is committed to helping people in need to build and improve a place they call home, the Goodman Foundation is committed to a better future, where we take less from the planet, and give back to the world. This is true in our developments that are designed to be sustainable - like Goodman Westlink.

Join the Magic Mile to support people in need. Help them achieve the strength, stability and self-reliance they need to build better lives for themselves.


Habitat has been serving the local community in Hong Kong since 2004. Its mission is to bring people together to improve housing conditions, giving a hand to people in need and strengthening communities to be more self-reliant and resilient. The ‘Project Home Works’ fills a critical gap by providing cleaning, repair and renovation services for vulnerable families, elderly and people with disabilities living in public rental housing. 

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