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Goodman Group 2020 Annual General Meetings 

Securityholders are invited to attend the 2020 Annual General Meetings (AGM) of Goodman Group on Thursday, 19 November at 10.00am (AEDT).  For health and safety reasons, the AGMs will be held as a virtual meeting. 

Details on how to attend and participate in the virtual meetings are set out in the Notice of Meetings and Virtual AGM Online Guide available via the links below:

Attend the 2020 AGM


Important Information

  • It is recommended that you lodge a Voting and Proxy Form ahead of the meetings by 10:00 am (Sydney time) on 17 November 2020. This is the only way to vote your interests in each of the stapled entities, as your interest in Goodman Logistics (HK) Ltd CDIs cannot be voted at the meeting. You will be able to vote online during the meeting, but only in respect of resolutions for Goodman Limited and Goodman Industrial Trust. Please see the Notice of Meeting for further information.
  • To participate and vote online, Securityholders will need their Securityholder number and postcode. Securityholders should register at least 15 minutes before the meeting.
  • Members of the public and non-voting Securityholders can view the 2020 AGM webcast live through the above ‘Lumi’ platform as a guest. The AGM webcast will also be recorded and made available to view on demand after the meetings have concluded
  • If you require assistance prior to or during the meetings please contact Computershare within Australia 1300 723 040, outside Australia +61 (03) 9415 4043