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Thinking outside the square

As part of its global outdoor brand campaign, Goodman installed five large architectural branding structures across four different countries. The campaign objective was to enhance awareness and recognition of the Goodman brand in each market, through the use of large scale outdoor and environmental branding on our properties, with the structures chosen to represent the Goodman brand identity of “thinking outside the square”. 

Rather than using traditional outdoor branding such as billboards, each Goodman region chose an architectural branding device to best suit the property and location. Designed to be a talking point and create a sense of entry, all of the structures have day and night applications so the branding effect continues in the evening. 

The branding structures have achieved their objectives, proving to be a big talking point.


Anamorphic gateway entry

Installed at both St Peters in Sydney (14m high) and Pudong in China (27m high), the gateway structure is an anamorphic square with the top half of the square built and the bottom half a painted graphic. At the optimal viewing point it creates the illusion of driving through a square.


Large pluses

Installed at Eastern Creek, this installation is a series of three 12m high plus-shaped sculptural forms derived from the Goodman brand mark. The installation is strategically located at the M4/M7 junction in western Sydney at Goodman's Interchange Park.


Kinetic grass

Installed in Auckland New Zealand, this sculptural form uses a series of tapered steel poles evenly spaced over 30 meters, with the Goodman logo repeated in three instances.  Situated along the entrance road to Highbrook Business Park, the poles gradually reveal the Goodman logos as you approach and then they dissolve as you pass. 
A smaller installation with a single Goodman logo has also been installed at Sydney Corporate Park in Alexandria and at Mizue in Japan.