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Corporate governance

Goodman takes corporate governance very seriously. Goodman’s corporate governance model influences how we set and achieve our business objectives, assess and monitor risk and optimise performance.

Goodman recognises that effective corporate governance is critical to success. Our robust corporate governance framework is designed to meet best practice and to balance the needs of the company, our stakeholders, regulators and the market.

The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the management of Goodman Group, including its corporate governance practices. 

Constituent documents

Constituent documents and constitutions

Constitutions include the following:

Notice of reliance on ASIC Class Order 13/655 (“ASIC CO 13/655”) - Goodman Funds Management Limited as responsible entity for Goodman Industrial Trust has elected to rely on ASIC Class Order [CO 13/655] in relation to the amount of consideration to acquire interests in the scheme.

Policies and charters

Corporate governance statement

Corporate governance statement

Corporate governance statement includes the following: