The Foundation’s good+heart program is about finding opportunities for staff to make a difference by participating in charitable activities.

There are 2 common ways for staff to participate in the good+heart program:    

1. Participating in a fundraising activity

  • Established charities will develop fund raising initiatives, often these initiatives are sporting events such as fun runs, cycling, team challenges etc. for individuals or teams to register.
  • Our staff participate in established charity initiatives, often sporting events and we will then seek to raise donations for the charity
    Goodman Foundation will support staff in such opportunities by contributing funds to their charity, up to $5,000. The more staff involved the higher the contribution.  

2. Volunteering services

  • Often a charity will also have opportunities for staff or teams to contribute through the provision of their time or expertise. 
  • Each staff member is eligible for a volunteering day per year, where Goodman will pay normal salary, however the person will work for the day as a volunteer for an approved charity.
  • Most often it will be our partnered charities that provide the best opportunity for volunteering as they can communicate to us in advance about tasks or events where they need assistance.
  • We also have skills that we can apply, particularly to communities in need. After the Christchurch earthquakes Goodman sent engineers to help assess buildings and provided free warehousing for emergency supplies.