The good+deeds programme is Goodman’s employee Workplace Giving programme, where Goodman employees can offer financial support to charities they have selected and these contributions are matched by the Goodman Foundation.  

Organisations participating in good+deeds include:

  • TNC (Australia)
  • The Smith Family (Australia)
  • Youngcare (Australia)
  • Redkite (Australia)
  • Clown Doctors (Australia)
  • Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) (Australia)
  • Education Development  Assoc. (EDA) (Australia)
  • Fareshare (Australia)
  • Kids Under Cover (Australia)
  • House of Welcome (Australia)
  • Red Cross (Australia)
  • Starship Foundation (New Zealand)
  • Ronald McDonald House Auckland (New Zealand)
  • Ronald McDonald House Christchurch (New Zealand)
  • MS New Zealand
  • Diabetes New Zealand
  • Red Cross New Zealand
  • Benji’s Centre (Hong Kong)
  • Fu Hong Society (Hong Kong)
  • Hong Kong Red Cross (HK)
  • Children's Cancer Foundation (HK)
  • UNICEF (China)
  • Red Cross Society (China)
  • Shanghai Charity Foundation (China)

 Charities we are supporting in FY14 include:




Australian Red Cross


Clown Doctors

Red Kite logo

 TNC logo




Fu Hong Society
Children's Cancer Foundation



Hong Kong Red Cross




 Shanghai Red Cross



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