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The Helmsman Project

The Goodman Foundation is a founding supporter of The Helmsman Project. Their innovative program is designed to bring about long-term change and opportunity to students of low SES schools.  

The Helmsman Project program has been developed on a foundation of evidence-based research in consultation with leaders in the fields of coaching psychology and adventure education. The program is designed to equip adolescents who are at risk of not fulfilling their potential with the life skills and broadened perspective necessary to set meaningful goals, overcome setbacks and persevere in the pursuit of their dreams.

The one-year program is delivered to year 9 students from high schools located in areas affected by disadvantage. It integrates professional coaching with hands-on learning experiences to complement the students’ learning processes. Participants learn to build strengths in core areas such as hope, self-regulation and resilience. 

As a team, the young people develop a community project of their own choosing and design. This process integrates the skills acquired during the core program and helps them develop the brainstorming, presentation, and project management skills that they will need to implement their community project. Crucially, they are valuable skills to draw upon at school, and in preparation for their future careers. 

By challenging young people in a supportive environment, the program helps adolescents develop the life skills and confidence they need to navigate life’s challenges and achieve their full potential. 

With the benefit of Goodman Foundation’s long-term commitment for funding, The Helmsman Project was able to attract a research grant from the Australian Research Council which will facilitate the expansion of the research program.

The first 15 students graduated from the program in November 2013. Since then, over 250 young people have been given the life-changing opportunity to participate in The Helmsman Project.  

“The Goodman Foundation has been a strong supporter of The Helmsman Project from the outset and this has extended beyond valuable financial assistance. Goodman Group employees have volunteered to join our working groups and provided professional expertise and advice to our executive team. These volunteers go far beyond 'the call of duty' in support of The Helmsman Project which is very much appreciated.

We are extremely grateful for the support the Goodman Foundation is continuing to offer The Helmsman Project and look forward to building upon and extending our collaborative effort over the coming year, as The Helmsman Project gears up for further growth.”
Andrew Stainer, Chairman, The Helmsman Project

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