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Humpty Dumpty Foundation

Humpty buys essential and often life-saving medical equipment for Neonatal Units (Newborn Care) and Paediatric Wards (toddlers and children to 16 years) in hospitals and health service centres across Australia.

Hospitals are unable to access the equipment they need through normal channels due to constraints in budget etc. Humpty Dumpty provide this equipment to the hospitals which can make the difference between life and death to the child.
The Goodman Foundation supports Humpty Dumpty Foundation in this vital cause and has funded the purchase of several pieces of equipment in Blacktown Hospital including an Infant Resuscitaire Machine to help new born babies with breathing difficulties and an Air/Oxygen Blender and Humidifier to provided babies with respiratory illness much needed warmed oxygen assisting the lungs of the small infant to open up when they are struggling to breathe.

Since 2007 the Goodman team have participated in the Balmoral Burn, a 420 metre run up the infamous Awaba Street hill at Balmoral Sydney to help Humpty Dumpty raise funds for this life saving

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