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Bestest Foundation

The Bestest Foundation (Bestest) is a small organisation supporting children who need practical assistance to improve their quality of life, where the provision of just a little help can make such a difference to the everyday experience of a child who is suffering from the effects of disease or disability. These children’s needs fall outside of the standard boundaries of larger, established charities.

Bestest operates on a case by case basis, with 100% of the funds provided to the children in need. To help identify cases, Bestest receive referrals from charities such as Bear Cottage, the Benevolent Society, and Camp Quality, among others.

The Goodman Foundation provides funding on a case by case basis making a difference to the lives of several children and their families through, for example, the purchase of equipment such as the Brail computer for a young girl who had lost her sight from a rare disease; a laptop control system for a toddler in a wheelchair; modification of vehicles for families needing to accommodate children in wheelchairs and financial support for a family whose care costs for their children had left them needing to sell their home.

The contribution Bestest makes is valued exponentially by the families that have nowhere else to turn and Goodman is proud to stand behind the wonderful work Bestest Foundation do to provide some happiness and respite to these families.

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