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Amazing Magic Club

The Amazing Magic Club is an intensive therapy program that combines professional magicians with occupational therapists to hold 10-day “magic clubs”. The program is for children aged 7 – 16 years who have hemiplegia and promotes the use of both hands. The improved hand function improves social and emotional wellbeing as the child grows into adulthood. The program was designed and developed by the Breathe Arts Health Research (UK) and was recently showcased on Australian TV.

The Club is two weeks of fun, run over the school holidays involving some world-renowned magicians, Bruce Glen and Sam Angelico, who have been trained and accredited by the occupational therapists of the Arts Health Institute to teach these young people how to become magnificent magicians. Friends and family are astonished with the trainee Magicians newfound skills! It is about the real magic that is possible with the improvement made to the physical and mental health of these young people suffering with hemiplegia. New pathways in the brain are established by the children practising their magic tricks increasing their life long ability to use their hands and become independent in their day to day chores.

Further information on the organisation and program may be found here.