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Car parking automation - Hong Kong


The Hong Kong portfolio was established through the acquisition of individual assets which had experienced sub standard management and maintenance for an extended period.  Vehicle access and control are integral parts of the day to day building management to ensure that customers are able to access the building and operate effectively.  At the time of acquisition, payment of parking and loading fees were by cash only. This cash based system was management intensive, inefficient for cars entering and exiting the building and it was also a security risk for the staff handling the money.

Goodman solution

A specialist in automated car parking systems was appointed to assess the most suitable system for the Hong Kong portfolio that would enable the car parking payment system to be automated and cashless. Automated car parking systems based on payments made by the “Octopus” card were installed at 12 buildings in the portfolio which are managed by Goodman. The remaining three buildings are occupied by a single tenant and self managed.


The automated parking and payment system provides the following benefits: 

  • Increased efficiency for vehicles entering and exiting the building
  • Improved security
    • cash handling by on site staff is minimised
    • every vehicle in the building can be tracked  
  • More efficient use of staff resources as the system provides real time status of income received
  • Ability for traffic movement in each building and the portfolio to be tracked which provides valuable insight to the current operation of the building and the customers