Corporate governance

As a listed entity, Goodman takes corporate governance seriously. Goodman’s corporate governance model influences how we set and achieve our business objectives, assess and monitor risk and optimise performance.

Goodman recognises that effective corporate governance is critical to success. Our robust corporate governance framework is designed to meet best practice and to balance the needs of the company, our stakeholders, regulators and the market.

The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the management of Goodman Group and has ultimate responsibility for its corporate governance practices.

+ Corporate governance policies, charters and reports

Goodman’s constituent documents and constitutions can be viewed here. 

Goodman's corporate governance policies and charters can be viewed here.

Further information on corporate governance as it relates to the Board of Directors, remuneration, policies, committees and disclosure are included in our latest annual report here.

For more information on our business, financial reporting and how to contact us on related matters, please visit the GMG investor centre.